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What People Have to Say

Awesome presentation Brett. Makes me realise how important family and friends are… keep in touch bud.
Best wishes
Grant and Jen Malcolm

It was a great evening and good to catch up with the old boys and your talk was top notch. Have a great trip and we will get together when you get back.
Chris and Shaz

Dear Brett,

Thank you so much for taking the time out to come through to our conference to tell us your story.

I am still trying to get my head around 28 hours in the sea without ‘water wings’, (although I think you had angel wings), or fresh water, or a wet suit! Absolutely mind boggling!

The night that we heard your story, I went to bed with the vision of you, head above water, in the vast deep navy-blue/black choppy sea and realised how incredibly alone you were. But you were not alone. The universe was supporting you. The angels were protecting you. You are one of the chosen ones, use the time well as you have been given the extra time for a reason.

But back to what you have left with me. PERSEVERANCE keeps popping into my mind and I will think of you each time I want to give up, and especially whilst I now train for my first Argus. The next thing I realised from the talk is that we have to remember that Life is unpredictable, therefore decide who/what is important, – don’t be frightened of what life has in store for you.

Who knows when ones time has come to be put to the test of why we have actually been put on this earth. We need to be ready to face the challenge. I believe your life before, and the paths you chose, prepared you for this challenge so that you could tell the world what the human spirit is really capable of.

I can’t wait for your book – and also to send it to Ron, fatkidonabike, so that he can read it along the way and maybe, he too, will get the strength of perseverance should he find himself faltering.

Thank you, Brett.

I actually want to tell you I love you spiritually as you have given me something inspirational to carry with me.


Brett, a pleasure to be a mate of yours. A fantastic job last night. Good to have a pint together.
Trevor Stapelberg

I had such a nice evening last night. Your talk was superb.
Thanks so much

Morning Brett, we really enjoyed your story last night and were honestly impressed (and very proud) with the way you tell it. The reponse by the audience confirmed this feeling and we hope that you have many more opportunities to tell it. Not only is the story a miraculous one but the message of the importance of Family, Friends and Faith (although I would have faith as no 1) is a powerful one. Good luck with the one’s coming up and we look forward to having dinner with you in a couple of weeks. God bless.
Craig & Li

Well done my friend. That was awesome. Very proud of you. Travel safe and talk soon.
Gary Green

Hi Brett. Absolute pleasure – you were awesome. Love.

I didn’t cry like Xandré did, but I definitely learned something… You can fall 3 or 4 or more times in life, but you will get up again. You have to keep strong and have to carry on and you will get to the end of the struggle that looks sooo big and impossible. Doesn’t matter how big your obstacles are, you can do it. It has been proven by many and off course by Brett as well. I for one really needed that message and it came at such a right time. With all the things hitting me at once in my life now, it really gave me hope again that there is hope.

After all you have been through Brett, you are such an amazing person. Caring and understanding. That to me is amazing. Sometimes when times are tough you feel like the world owes you and you don’t feel like smiling and you are just miff. But you have this attitude where you have lust to live life and you have so much energy and that was a slap in my face to wake up and smell the flowers.

Thank you for organising this for us and thank you Brett for the awesome message you gave us. I feel more positive every day and I was on the edge to just let go and not bother trying anymore, but now I feel strong enough to fight again as I know I will get rewarded for it. The struggle will end. My family believes in me and needs me and I won’t let them down.

Thanks again I loved it a lot,

Bonita van Rooyen

Brett shook my world… He gave me hope for a future in a country where things are not always looking bright. We will survive – all of us together. What an amazing man. What an amazing story. Proof that courage, friendship, love and above all – FAITH – is in us. He touched my life and I would like to thank him for spending precious time with us. So special!

I was super excited to hear of Brett’s adventure first hand – and I wasn’t disappointed! He is a true miracle as I would not have lasted 2 hours before giving up. It is amazing to hear somebody dig so deep for inner strength and for things to happen for a reason. That to me was the biggest inspiration of all – everything happens for a reason! Being the overly sensitive person I am, I am often clouded by things that happen and react immediately. I have to teach myself to see WHY they happened and only THEN react! Something I will work on very hard!

There were so many questions I wanted to bombard him with because I love to hear details…even the smallest ones interest me. Motivational speakers generally have me captivated for the first 5 minutes or so…Brett kept my ears peeled and my eyes full of tears. I am so in awe that he survived after all he went through and is brave enough to share his story with others. That in itself is an inspiration!

Thank you for organising him to come share his experience with us Sims,
Much appreciated!


Your story is one I would be happy to listen to over and over again.

It is a raw and honest story about strength and courage. It is about the power of possibilities that exist that you don’t even know of until you are forced to find them and use them. It is about focus, planning, strategy, flexibility and never forgetting to maintain a sense of humour. It is a story about hope and love.

Everything you need to know about life, you learn about in your story.

Thank you for reminding us that God/Universe/The Angels don’t talk to us with a loud booming voice from heaven. The communication is all around us every day. You just have to pay attention and listen.

Thank you for the open arms and open heart and for sharing with the world x
Love and light


Wow, what can I say? I was absolutely blown away by this phenomenal person with such a positive attitude and outlook on life!

I have shared his story about a thousand times from the time I got home and bubbled over with enthusiasm on how we as human beings must embrace life with all its opportunities and downfalls!
In life, we do have the choice to sink or swim – the choice is ours!

The most touching part of Brett’s story to me, is where he mentions how worried he was about OTHERS who were going through their own ordeal in trying to look for him and he is not consumed by his own worries.

What an amazing person! So grateful to have had the opportunity to meet him!

Elke from Port Elizabeth

It truly was awesome to hear his full story especially having read a lot about it.

I think I was the first to stand up for the standing ovation! I cannot stop thinking about his testimony and all that he had to endure! God definitely had another plan for him.

He is a gifted, animated speaker and coupled with his zany humour, he managed to hold everyone spellbound!

I do sincerely hope that he continues to tell his story all over the world!

I have written and told various friends of mine in Australia, America and the UK about the excellent talk he gave us and of his ordeal. They were all incredulous that he survived!

‘Mind over matter’!

Harold Salter

We were totally blown away by Brett Archibald’s account of his harrowing ordeal in the sea off Indonesia!

My conclusion as to why he survived is that first and foremost his whacky sense of humour, his vivid imagination (and I refer to his delusions of being McGiver etc) and his obvious positive outlook on life were the primary factors which kept him alive! Added to that, his heart to heart with God and all the prayers said for him around the globe, ensured his survival.

What a colourful character he is – the world would have been a seriously poorer place without him in it – he was definitely meant to survive!

He is a natural at public speaking and ought to give talks like that all over the world, let alone South Africa! I am quite sure that his old school Westville Boys High would welcome him with open arms! ..

James Harms

It was my pleasure to finally meet you having heard and seen so much in the news about your unbelievable ordeal. Wow!!

Thank you for being the Guest Speaker at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party yesterday in support of Cancer and The Sunflower Fund.

It was a wonderful and special event which everyone thoroughly enjoyed. Your talk inspired me and gave me much food for thought, especially how we lose focus on the most important things in life sometimes. I arrived home to message both my children who live in Hong Kong and told them to Google your story.

As it happens my daughter was in tears and homesick yesterday when I called her. She replied and said she counts her blessings everyday and will survive those lonely days when she misses home!

We are visiting in December so your story made her focus on surviving a day at a time and not wishing the days away until we arrive! Thank you for doing such amazing work and for sharing your story.

The proceeds from this event will help us grow the SA Bone Marrow Registry to help save the lives of people diagnosed with leukemia.
Your support is so much appreciated. Thank you.

I look forward to having the same event again next year and may call upon you to talk at one of The Sunflower Fund events in the new year if that’s possible.

Take care

Adi Phillips, The Sunflower Fund